September is Celebrate American History Month

We’ve all heard the stunning statistic that 48% of millennials believe that socialism is a better economic system than capitalism. The majority of Democrats believe this. Many of our citizens, mainly those of the Left, also believe that American wealth and capitalism is built on racism, sexism, theft, exploitation of the poor, genocide against native Americans, enslavement of blacks, discrimination against racial minorities and ravaging third world countries. They have painted a dark picture, but it is a false and one dimensional narrative perpetuated by books like “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn.

Our colleges, universities, public schools and the media have taught this skewed version of our history. It is this kind of propaganda masquerading as history that motivated Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York to say of his own country, “It was never that great.”

That is why liberal elites educated by these institutions disdain patriotism, disrespect the Flag and denounce the very free enterprise system that has made them rich. Indeed many of them have nothing but contempt for our country. They have been well trained by the Marxists who influenced them. 

STAND’s mission is to unite Americans across racial and cultural lines to defend American exceptionalism and the Judeo-Christian history and values which produced it. The only way to combat lies is with the truth.

We want to give families, churches and businesses accurate historical information which supports patriotism instead of false information designed to engender hatred and resentment against our country.

There are several months on America’s national calendar dedicated to particular cultures and aspects of American history. However, there is no month dedicated to the culture and history of the entire nation. There is no month dedicated to our unity as a nation. Since our Constitution was passed on September 17, 1787, that event provides a central theme around which to celebrate our history for the entire month. We cannot allow another generation to come and go without teaching our citizens – especially our children – the truth about our country.

We will not rest until “Celebrate American History Month” becomes a cultural landmark to inform and inspire Americans to respect and appreciate our history. Our citizens must be set free from from the anti-American propaganda that has infected the culture and poisoned our politics. 

We will cover such topics as America’s ethnic history with a focus on how we foster and maintain unity and cultural hegemony. We will honor America’s most influential figures without the incessant nitpicking of the Leftist critics who refuse to place towering Patriots in the context of their times and disregard their historic contribution to the cause of Liberty. We will tell inspiring stories of American valor, virtue and progress. We know we have not been a perfect country. We are not perfect people, and we do not live in a perfect world. We will also tell the stories of our shortcomings and mistakes, but we will view our nation in light of the times and the other historic and contemporary nations and governments of the world.

The Left espouses an anti-American polemic which suggests that the world was an idyllic place, and along came the United States of America and ruined it. It is quite the contrary. America was born at a brutal time in human history, and became a civilizing influence and one of the greatest forces for human liberty and dignity in the history of the world.

To save our country we must again educate our people about who we are. We must re-establish the national identity and pride we should all share as Americans. Join us every September to Celebrate American History Month

It is time to take a STAND

We must honor rather than denigrate our country; bless it rather than blame it for everything that is wrong in the world.


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