JOSHUA D. DENTON “I have a dream.” Everyone has heard those words from Martin Luther King Jr. Dream. It’s another word for vision. It describes a view. The familiar expression “what you see is what you get” comes to mind. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had not had the vision outlined in his most

The only most pro-life state on the list to see a rise in abortions is Louisiana. But this rise is affected by recent abortion clinic closures in Mississippi and Texas due to new laws. This summer, in an article for the Boston Globe entitled, American millennials rethink abortion, for good reasons, author Jeff Jacoby explained

  Engaging Millennials: A Millennial Details What Conservatives are Missing   Joshua Denton — As a young conservative, I am convinced that a good portion of millennials are disinterested in conservatism in part due to issues of perspective, attitude, and messaging.  Perspective affects attitude, and both affect messaging. Consider the following observations so you don’t

BY: JOSHUA D. DENTON Assistant Communications Director, STAND We are full blown into the “official” holiday season with only 14 more “sleeps” until Christmas Day. It’s so close now that even the grinches and grouches can’t live in denial any longer. Thanksgiving has come and quickly passed by, and yet it is one of the


E.W. Jackson While it is true that murder rates in America’s cities have declined overall for the last two decades, we are witnessing a startling surge in murders this year. Milwaukee had forty-one in 2014, but had reached 84 by mid-July of this year. By the same period, Baltimore had 155 murders, fifty more than

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