“Save The Children” Conference at New Beginnings Church in Chicago

Bishop E.W. Jackson and Pastor Corey Brooks host “Save the Children Conference” at New Beginnings Church in Chicago.

Saturday, October 15 – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

On Saturday, October 15, STAND will host a conference to call attention to the epidemic of children murdered by stray bullets in drive byes in America’s inner cities. According to STAND, 298 children have been murdered as collateral damage in senseless shootings by bullets entering their bedrooms, backyards and parents’ cars.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, President of STAND Foundation, Inc. is joined by Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church in Chicago as host Pastor. Pastor Brooks has been calling attention to the city’s the violence by living in a tent on a roof for months through Chicago’s brutal winter weather. He is raising money to build a multimillion dollar facility to address the issues which he believes are at the root of Chicago’s crime and violence.

Says Bishop Jackson, “I am gratified that Pastor Corey has Brooks has partnered with us. He has been an outspoken leader in Chicago to stop the violence. He also understands that this is not merely a problem in Chicago, but nationwide. The media and politicians have not yet connected the dots. Crime and violence have spiked since the the defund the police movement began, and black citizens are suffering most from the lawlessness.”

The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at New Beginnings Church, 6620 S King Drive in Chicago. In addition to Bishop Jackson and Pastor Brooks, speakers include two parents who have lost children to violence – Angela Greg and Nathan Wallace; Tre Penney, President of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation who will address police community relations; Pastor Cecil Blye, founder of an inner city Christian school in Louisville, Kentucky who will talk about educational choice; and Pastor Iverson Jackson, retired Army Colonel, who will address the racial divide.

“The purpose of the event is not to simply hold a meeting,” Bishop Jackson says. “We want to learn from each other and come away with practical short term and long term solutions to bring an end to the violence. We must save the children.”

It is time to take a STAND

We must honor rather than denigrate our country; bless it rather than blame it for everything that is wrong in the world.


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