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Fox & Friends: Defend Traditional Marriage and Religious Liberty

The mission of STAND (“Staying True to America’s National Destiny”) is “to bring our people together across racial and cultural lines to preserve and defend the foundational principles that made America great.”

The President’s mission seems to be the opposite. Yesterday I released a statement denouncing the President’s ad hominem attack on Christians at an Easter Prayer Breakfast held in the White House. He expressed “concern” over the “unloving” statements of Christians expressing support for Indiana’s law protecting business owners from having to serve same-sex ceremonies. Mr. Obama seems to be trying to turn Christians – particularly black churches – into a cult of personality to serve his agenda rather than God’s.

Watch my comments on the President’s remarks on FOX & Friends yesterday morning above.

In the background ministers could be heard ‘Amening’ the President as he once again slammed Christianity. When supposed ministers of the gospel ‘Amen’ a politician’s criticisms of Christianity and support for same-sex ‘marriage,’ they act as mouthpieces for government instead of spokesmen for God. Their allegiance ought to be to the Prince of Peace, not a President.

Mr. Obama is apparently committed not only to “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” but Christianity as well. Eighty percent of Americans identify as Christians – including Mr. Obama. This country’s history and traditions are rooted in Christianity. We are a Judeo-Christian nation. Yet the President never has anything but criticism of Christianity, while he constantly defends and supports Islam. In his famous Cairo speech in Egypt, he declared that America is not a Christian nation.

A few days before his Easter Prayer Breakfast, Islamic terrorists murdered 148 Christian students in Kenya because they refused to deny their faith and convert to Islam. The President to this day has not acknowledged that Muslims murdered these young Christians. And at his prayer breakfast, before an audience of supposed Christians, he never mentioned it. HE NEVER MENTIONED IT!  But he found time to criticize Christians. That tells you where his heart is.

After a Summit of black ministers Last Year, we formed MINISTERS TAKING A STAND dedicated to declaring the truth and calling our nation back to God and the principles which made us a great nation. There are thousands of ministers – black, white, Hispanic and others – who are disgusted with the anti-Christian climate this President is fostering. We are bringing these Pastors and Christian leaders together. We need more ministers willing to speak truth to power and mobilize in defense of Liberty. False prophets’ will tell politicians what they want to hear, but real men and women of God will tell them “Thus says the Lord.”

Courageous Christian leaders are needed now more than ever. On Tuesday April 28, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in four consolidated cases challenging same-sex ‘marriage’ bans in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan have both officiated in same-sex ceremonies and should recuse themselves from the High Court’s deliberations and ruling.

Federal Law (Title 28 U.S.C. Part I, Chapter 21, Section 455(a)) requires a judge to recuse him or herself whenever the judge’s “impartiality might be reasonably questioned.” This branch of the recusal statute governs the mere appearance of impartiality, regardless of the judge’s subjective state of mind. In addition, Section 455(b) requires a judge to recuse him or herself when specific triggers are met, including personal bias toward a party.

We are calling for Ginsburg and Kagan to recuse themselves from the same-sex ‘marriage’ cases before the Court. We are also undertaking an initiative to make sure that the 379 US corporations supporting same-sex ‘marriage’ also recognize the First Amendment rights of Christians to refuse involvement in these activities.

Please help us organize ministers across America to defend our religious liberty and First Amendment rights. Send your most generous donation today. This situation is urgent.

We need a new generation of leaders who will defend the Judeo-Christian Foundations of our nation, not destroy them! We need leaders who will bring us together, not rip our country apart!

I have dedicated my life to preserving and advancing the vision of “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Those words are more than an inspirational phrase or slogan. They are the cause which every true American holds dear, and for which many have given their lives. They express an idea which originated in the heart of God.

Thank you for your contributions and support of the crucial effort to preserve this great idea.

May God bless you and may He continue to bless the United States of America and bring a Great Awakening to our beloved country before it is too late.

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