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NORFOLK, Virginia – Bishop E.W. Jackson today called upon ministers across the country to join the fight to release Kim Davis, the Kentucky Court Clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. “This is a sad moment in American history,” said Jackson. “For the first time a citizen has been arrested and jailed for following the word of God and the dictates of her conscience regarding the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.”

US District Judge David L. Bunning held Ms. Davis in contempt and had her arrested for refusing to comply with the Court’s order to issue the licenses. Jackson responded, “Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention ‘same-sex marriage,’ but it specifically protects freedom of religion. The Supreme Court decision finding a ‘right’ to ‘same-sex marriage’ was a 5-4 split. The four dissenters were vehement that the other five were violating the Constitution and trampling the First Amendment.”

“The Christian understanding of marriage existed long before there was a ‘gay rights movement.’ One would think that Judge Bunning would show restraint. Instead, he engaged in heavy-handed action, explicitly stating that his order supersedes God’s law.”

“No American should be forced to comply with a controversial man-made law that violates the Law of God. This cannot be compared to racism because there is no biblical basis for racism, in fact quite the opposite. However, there are explicit and multiple condemnations of homosexual behavior in both the Old and New Testament. It is not open to interpretation. Are Christians supposed to defy God and bow to a magistrate? To quote the Apostle Peter, ‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’

Bishop Jackson is calling on all Americans, especially Christians, to: 1. Call the Rowan County Court House and tell Judge Bunting to release Kim Davis immediately. 2. Call the Governor of Kentucky and demand that he call the legislature back into session to ‘fix’ this problem. 3. Call their Congressmen and Senators and tell them to carve out conscience exceptions for Christians and others who as a matter of faith cannot support same-sex “marriage” in any way. 4. Pray for Kim Davis as she stands up for our religious liberty and our faith and Jesus Christ.

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E.W. Jackson, National President of STAND and MINISTERS TAKING A STAND, is a Marine Corps Veteran, retired attorney, graduate of Harvard Law School, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, a Senior Fellow for the Family Research Council, and Bishop of THE CALLED church.