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Our next Christian Awaking Summit will take place on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at Victory Life Fellowship Church in Richmond, Virginia. The CAS will begin at 8:30 AM with registration and continental breakfast, and conclude at 2:30 PM EDT. Registration and continental breakfast will begin at 8:30 AM.

1900 Chamberlayne Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23222

We need help getting the word out to pastors and ministry leaders in the Richmond area. If you live in or near Victory Life Fellowship Church, or know others who do, please spread the word to Pastors and ministry leaders who might like to attend. If you are a pastor or ministry leader in or near Richmond, please encourage your colleagues to join with us.


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E.W. Jackson

While it is true that murder rates in America’s cities have declined overall for the last two decades, we are witnessing a startling surge in murders this year. Milwaukee had forty-one in 2014, but had reached 84 by mid-July of this year. By the same period, Baltimore had 155 murders, fifty more than all of last year; St. Louis had 93 homicides compared with fifty-three last year. Chicago homicides were at 203, thirty-three more than at the same period last year. Weekend blood baths account for some of the surge, earning Chicago the sobriquet “Chiraq” comparing it to lives lost in the Iraq war. Sixteen were killed during the July 4th weekend and seven were killed during the Father’s Day weekend. New York, Philadelphia, Dallas and Washington DC are also experiencing noticeable increases.

Enter the Black Lives Matter Movement, but not in response to the epidemic of murder claiming the lives of mostly black men in the inner city. They choose to focus only on instances where black men lose their lives in confrontations with police. For every black man who dies at the hands of police, fifty to sixty die in the streets at the hands of another black man. Add to that the number of children, mothers and grandmothers killed in the crossfire.

On September 29 in Chicago, a little more than a month ago, a mother and grandmother were killed and the infant with them was wounded. They were innocent victims caught in the middle of a gang rivalry. Earlier the same month, the severed head and body parts of a toddler were found scattered around Garfield Park on the West Side of Chicago. Yet the outrage and protests are directed only at police.

Murders in the inner city are only the backdrop for a host of social problems contributing to the chaos. There is family disintegration, the lack educational quality and opportunity, high unemployment and depressed urban economies. Underlying these problems is a subculture that honors criminal behavior, gang membership, fathering children out of wedlock and spending time in prison.

On the other hand, when a child shows intellectual potential and the desire to excel academically, he or she is accused of trying to “act white.” After all, it is important to “stay black.” Indeed, the mere suggestion that personal responsibility rather than racism plays the larger role in determining one’s destiny is considered blasphemous. The idea that problems facing the black community might not all be the result of racism will get you banished as a sellout if you are black and charged a racist if you are white.

All that aside, for those who are interested in actually solving the problems of the inner city, the question remains, “what can be done?” We know what must not be done: more government programs and intervention. That approach has not only failed miserably, but has made the situation worse. It is time for a private sector plan for America’s cities. This does not mean that political leadership will not be important. It will be a necessary ingredient from the President to the School Board member. Since we are in the presidential election season, it is puzzling that there has been no discussion of the crisis in urban America.

At the presidential debates, Republicans, Democrats, liberal and conservative moderators have all failed to ask a single question or offer a single idea about saving America’s cities. The first black President of the United States has done nothing to address this issue. He has only used race as a wedge to divide Americans and motivate the black vote. The candidate who embraces a unifying and substantive vision for addressing the problems plaguing our cities will probably win the election in November.

Liberal ideas and well-meaning government programs have left urban families in shambles, schools unaccredited and streets dangerous. It is time for the private sector to clean up the mess, and presidential candidates should be leading the charge.


Action item to address this issue:  In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling Project CREATE, a private sector Marshall Plan to address the seething problem that threatens our entire country. “CR” is for cultural renewal. The cultural degeneration of the inner city must be reversed, and it can. Churches can do this if provided the resources. “EA” is for economic awakening. We must teach the foundational principles of capitalism and why history proves it is the fairest and most effective way to distribute goods and resources. “TE” is for technical education. We live in a technological world. Not all students want to go to college, but they should all be taught a marketable trade which will allow them to earn a living and take care of a family.

E.W. Jackson-Standing 280x500E.W. Jackson was born in Chester, PA, near Philadelphia. After graduating from high school, he joined the Maine Corps, and was honorably discharged after three years of service. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts and from Harvard Law School.

While in law school, he studied at Harvard Divinity School, was ordained in 1979 and consecrated a Bishop in 1998. He practiced small business, criminal and civil law for fifteen years in Boston. In 1997 Bishop Jackson retired from the practice of law to devote full time to ministry.

He is the founder and Senior Pastor of THE CALLED Church, founder of the Chesapeake Martin Lugher King Leadership Breakfast and Founder and President of Stand Foundation – Staying True to America’s National Destiny – a nonprofit organization committed to bringing citizens together across racial and cultural lines to restore America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and values. He is the National President of MINISTERS TAKING A STAND, a national organization of Pastors and Christian leaders addressing the moral and spiritual issues of our time. He also founded YOUTH WITH A DESTINY, helping give youth a sense of vision and purpose for their lives.

He is the author of the book, Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life. His articles have been published in the Washington Times, American Thinker and many other publications. He has appeared on FOX, ABC, PBS, CNN and MSNBC.

Norfolk, Virginia – Prominent voices continue to join black ministers’ call for the removal of Margaret Sanger’s bust from the National Portrait Gallery (‘NPG’). Twenty-six Members of Congress, led by Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Louie Gohmert, have now added their support. All signed a letter sent Tuesday to NPG Director Kim Sajet, demanding immediate removal of the Planned Parenthood founder’s bust from the Gallery’s “Struggle for Justice” exhibit.

The letter is available at tinyurl.com/CruzGohmertLtr and attached to this post.

“We echo the recent petition of pastors and supporters affiliated with S.T.A.N.D. who similarly demanded that Ms. Sanger’s bust be removed,” the letter reads, “As they rightfully stated in their letter, Ms. Sanger was no hero. Her racist views have had a very real and devastating impact on the widespread destruction of unborn human life–especially in minority communities.”

The Congressional letter says that “Honoring Ms. Sanger is an outrage,” and attributes “renewed concern and scrutiny of Ms. Sanger’s background” to “recent ongoing revelations of Planned Parenthood’s potential activities in the trafficking of fetal tissue and baby body parts from abortions.”

We are grateful to Senator Cruz, Representative Gohmert and the twenty-four members of Congress who joined them,” said Founder & President of MINISTERS TAKING A STAND (MTS) Bishop E.W. Jackson. “Sanger was committed to the eradication of the black race and others she deemed inferior, labeling them ‘human weeds.'”

Continuing, Jackson said, “It is encouraging to know that there are still leaders in Washington who are willing to follow through on their moral convictions.”

In August, MTS held a press conference in front of the NPG and hand-delivered 14,000 petition signatures to the Gallery, demanding that Sanger’s bust be removed. To date, the bust remains in the same place. Mr. Jackson says he is confident they will prevail in having the bust removed. We’re not going away,” says the minister. “It is reprehensible that Sanger – an admitted racist – would be honored by any tax-funded institution. It is the height of cruelty that NPG would include her in an exhibit that honors the very people she sought to destroy.”

The group is asking their supporters to contact members of Congress and urge them to have the bust removed and defund Planned Parenthood.


E.W. Jackson, President of STAND, is a Marine Corps Veteran, retired attorney, graduate of Harvard Law School, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, Bishop of THE CALLED CHURCH and a Senior Fellow for the Family Research Council.

Join more than 15,000 others who have already signed our petition to have Margaret Sanger’s bust removed fromt the National Portrait Gallery!

Sign the Petition



Today marks the fourteenth year since the terror attacks on New York and Washington that took 2,977 lives. Among those who died in the World Trade Center attack, 60 wore the badge and 343 were firefighters. Among the 184 who died at the Pentagon, 55 were active Military. Forty brave Americans died in Shanksville, Pennsylvania when they sacrificed their lives to bring down United Airlines Flight 93 rather than allow the terrorists to crash it into a vital target such as the U.S. Capitol or the White House.

Because the war on terror has involved many covert operations by US Special Forces and the CIA, there is no definitive total count of fatalities. Best estimates place the total number at 6,800 or more American military personnel who have lost their lives since 911. Of those fortunate enough to return home, scores have had to endure long and arduous recovery from second and third degree burns, broken bones, shrapnel wounds, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, loss of sight and hearing, post-traumatic stress disorder and amputations. The failure of the Department of Veterans Affairs to deliver quality medical care to these brave men and women is a crime.

The Obama administration has turned its back on our military and veterans, but we the people will never abandon them on the battlefield they face when they come home. We will pray for and support them, and honor their sacrifice and service to our country. They are America’s true heroes, and we thank God for them on this day and every day.

Please share this message with every active duty service member and veteran you know, to express your thanks and ours. God bless every person who serves or has served in our military, and may the freedom they have fought for remain the legacy of every American.


If you have ideas on how we can support our Veterans, please contact me at vts@standamerica.us.


NORFOLK, Virginia – Bishop E.W. Jackson today called upon ministers across the country to join the fight to release Kim Davis, the Kentucky Court Clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. “This is a sad moment in American history,” said Jackson. “For the first time a citizen has been arrested and jailed for following the word of God and the dictates of her conscience regarding the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.”

US District Judge David L. Bunning held Ms. Davis in contempt and had her arrested for refusing to comply with the Court’s order to issue the licenses. Jackson responded, “Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention ‘same-sex marriage,’ but it specifically protects freedom of religion. The Supreme Court decision finding a ‘right’ to ‘same-sex marriage’ was a 5-4 split. The four dissenters were vehement that the other five were violating the Constitution and trampling the First Amendment.”

“The Christian understanding of marriage existed long before there was a ‘gay rights movement.’ One would think that Judge Bunning would show restraint. Instead, he engaged in heavy-handed action, explicitly stating that his order supersedes God’s law.”

“No American should be forced to comply with a controversial man-made law that violates the Law of God. This cannot be compared to racism because there is no biblical basis for racism, in fact quite the opposite. However, there are explicit and multiple condemnations of homosexual behavior in both the Old and New Testament. It is not open to interpretation. Are Christians supposed to defy God and bow to a magistrate? To quote the Apostle Peter, ‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’

Bishop Jackson is calling on all Americans, especially Christians, to: 1. Call the Rowan County Court House and tell Judge Bunting to release Kim Davis immediately. 2. Call the Governor of Kentucky and demand that he call the legislature back into session to ‘fix’ this problem. 3. Call their Congressmen and Senators and tell them to carve out conscience exceptions for Christians and others who as a matter of faith cannot support same-sex “marriage” in any way. 4. Pray for Kim Davis as she stands up for our religious liberty and our faith and Jesus Christ.

~ END ~
E.W. Jackson, National President of STAND and MINISTERS TAKING A STAND, is a Marine Corps Veteran, retired attorney, graduate of Harvard Law School, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, a Senior Fellow for the Family Research Council, and Bishop of THE CALLED church.

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