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by E.W. Jackson

As an American of African descent and a great grandson of slaves, I find Colin Kaepernick’s behavior deeply disturbing. As a Marine Corps Veteran of the Vietnam era, I took an oath to the Constitution of United States. I love my country and the Flag which represents our nation and our people. It is one thing to protest alleged injustice. It is quite another to say your country is not worthy of respect.


Seventy percent of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track. Should all 70% cease to stand for the Anthem and salute the Flag? I personally believe that the annual killing of over one million unborn babies in the womb – 37% of them black – is a scar on our national character. I believe Christians are denied the right to the free exercise of religion when government persecutes them for refusing to cooperate with same-sex marriage ceremonies. I demonstrate my disagreement by participating in pro-life, pro-marriage causes, not by dishonoring the Flag or our National Anthem.


The Flag represents our highest ideals. We should not desecrate the sacred symbol of our nation because we fall short of its glory. Should we burn the Declaration of Independence because all men have not always been treated equally? To the contrary, it was quoted by  Dr. King in his “I have a Dream” speech because it speaks to the conscience and the dream of the Founding Fathers and the American people.


Kaepernick is a beneficiary of that dream. He lives in “a country” where he makes $19 million a year to play a game. Although he was apparently given up by his biological parents, two compassionate people adopted him, who happened to be white. He was abandoned by his biological father, who is black. Perhaps he should focus his attention on the issue of black men abandoning their children, since he and millions of others are victims of this pathology.


Ironic that he of all people would say, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a Flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” It is a sweeping condemnation of America. Yet we have a black president serving his second term, a black Attorney General, a black Secretary of Homeland Security, a black National Security Advisor, black mayors, black police chiefs, black billionaires, black CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and the list goes on.


The 49ers QB throws out false rhetoric better than he throws a pass. “People are being given paid leave for killing people,” he says. The facts tell a different story.


According to Bureau of Justice statistics, about 2.5 million black suspects are arrested every year. On average about 113 black suspects are killed. Divide 113 by 2.5 million and you get five one thousandths (5/1,000ths) of 1% of black arrests result in the death of the suspect. On the other hand, the FBI says 40% of cop killers are black. Heather MacDonald’s study for the Manhattan Institute shows cops are 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black man than an unarmed black man is likely to be killed by a cop.


This is unpopular truth, but truth nonetheless. How could an organization as large and influential as the NFL allow Kaepernick to promote a false and divisive narrative, but deny the Dallas Cowboys the right to honor five slain police officers in their town? There can only be one answer, Roger Goodell and the NFL owners have bowed to the far left politics of the entertainment industry.


It is fair to say that the NFL has failed the test of character and integrity numerous times. Now they have an opportunity to redeem themselves. The 2016 season starts this week, and Sunday’s games will be on 9-11. On that day fifteen years ago 2,977 innocent civilians were murdered by people who hate our country, our Flag and what we represent. Seventy-one were police officers, and three hundred forty-three were firefighters. If NFL players refuse to stand on 9-11, Americans should turn off their televisions as a message to the NFL that we will not watch pampered millionaire celebrities trample the graves of innocent American victims and effectively side with those who want to bring down our Flag and our nation. We must not tolerate it.


Under our Constitution, Kaepernick has the right to turn his back on our Flag, but that doesn’t make it right. The NFL has a corresponding duty to say, “not in our stadium, not during our game, not in front of our fans.” Colin Kaepernick is an employee of an industry which made him rich through the patronage of the American people. The NFL should not to allow him or any other players to spit on the memory of our murdered citizens, first responders and their families. The people who pay for tickets or turn on their televisions to watch a football game on 9-11 want proper respect shown. They do not expect to see immature, uninformed, spoiled millionaire athletes insult the nation and people who made them rich. The NFL needs to require that all players stand and show appropriate respect for the Flag and the National Anthem at all games. What they do privately is up to them, but not on our time and not on our dime.


E.W Jackson is President of STAND Foundation, Inc. [www.standamerica.us], nationally syndicated radio talk show host for Urban Family Communications, Marine Corps Veteran, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, Bishop of THE CALLED Churches and a retired Attorney.



America is in crisis. For the urban poor, the crisis is a national emergency. Last week I attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. I fully expected an exposition of the usual conservative positions on the economy, national security, the military, energy, taxes and the national debt. Although I was not holding my breath, it was also my hope that Donald Trump would tackle what the first black President has ignored for nearly eight years – a real solution to the poverty, violence, and educational failure plaguing the inner cities of America.

While he did not offer a comprehensive plan, I was pleased that he at least addressed the issue. “Nearly four in ten African-American children are living in poverty, while 58% of African American youth are not employed,” Donald Trump said at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. He could have added that this is the result of sixty years of government spending on the War on Poverty, the Great Society, affirmative action, set asides and welfare to the tune of about three trillion dollars. To say that government intervention has not worked is to be kind. It has been a disaster of cataclysmic proportions.

Before liberal noblesse oblige took hold in the black community, 80% of black children were raised in two parent families with a married mother and father. Now 72% of black children are born out of wedlock and 66% are raised in single parent female headed households. Gangs, violence, drug dealing and poverty can all be traced to the absence of fathers in the home, a direct result of liberal welfare policies.

Black Lives Matters, the radical group sanctioned by the President and elites of the Democrat Party, says one of their guiding principles is “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…” The phrase “Western construct” is code language for white. A father and mother raising children is not a racial idea. It was designed by God, and has been a blessing to every racial and ethnic group that has ever existed. If the left were truly interested in helping the the urban poor, they would seek to strengthen the black family, not disrupt it.

For too long Democrat elites have been so arrogant as to say that refusal to adhere to liberal orthodoxy means you are not authentically black. The result has been to keep black people in poverty and Democrats in power. They have campaigned in black churches, while undermining the black family and suppressing the growth of the black population through abortion. It is time for Americans of African descent to realize that Democrats not only don’t care about them, they don’t even like them. The recent revelation of DNC emails shows one trail between top DNC officials talking about a black female Democrat named LaQueenia. One official wrote, “LaQueenia is a NAME! I’m sorry boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.”  If conservatives said something similar, the charges of racism would reverberate from the LA Times to the Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton is committed to the same disastrous policies which have kept black people in poverty for three generations.It has been over 60 years since Lyndon Johnson announced the so-called war on poverty, and $22 trillion dollars later, the overall poverty levels have scarcely budged. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters often live together in the the same government housing, surviving on the same government programs. Democrats have promised the world and given only concrete jungles and food stamp allotments.

Donald Trump has his shortcomings, but he has a vision to create a growing economy that produces jobs as opposed to creating dependence. We need to unleash the dynamic potential of the American people to work and produce, build and grow, create, invent and innovate. We need to reignite the engine of the American economy, which will make life better for everyone, and provide an escape for those trapped in poverty. That is the best recovery plan the government can ever hope to offer impoverished Americans. My organization, STAND Foundation, Inc. has written a comprehensive private sector recovery plan for America’s inner cities called Project Awakening. It calls for a partnership between churches, businesses, private schools and other nongovernmental institutions to reinvigorate the inner cities.
How much longer will we lament the thousands of young men who die in street violence, the many children born without fathers to help guide them, the abandoned buildings, drug houses and filthy streets which characterize our urban areas? Democrat elites are satisfied to blame racism because it lets them off the hook. They rule over these islands of misery, and nothing ever changes. It is time for the Black community to abandon the Democratic Party, and rally behind policies which lift people out of poverty. It is time to stop supporting what has become a party of moral and economic bankruptcy. It is time to restore the inspired vision of one nation under God, as opposed to the insidious vision of a divided nation under government.

When you lay aside Democrat propaganda and racial demagoguery, the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is an easy one.


E.W Jackson is a Marine Corps Veteran, retired attorney, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, President of STAND Foundation, Inc. [www.standamerica.us], and Bishop of THE CALLED Church.

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Bishop E.W. Jackson Calls for Pastors and Churches To Dedicate Sunday Worship Service To “STAND With Law Enforcement Officers”

Bishop Jackson is calling on Christian leaders and pastors to stand with law enforcement during this crisis and pray for the families of the fallen police officers murdered in Dallas Thursday night. His group – Ministers Taking A STAND – is asking pastors to participate in “STAND With Law Enforcement Sunday,” a day set aside to honor law enforcement officers. He is calling for pastors to teach respect for authority in general and for our police officers specifically. “Unless we reverse this trend toward racial division and hatred for cops,” says the Bishop,”we are going to reap a terrible harvest in the weeks and months ahead.”

He has asked ministers to use Sunday to teach from Romans 13:1-5. Part of those verses reads:  “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God… For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong.”

Jackson says that police officers who violate their oath and abuse their authority should be punished, but we should not rush to judgment. Most law enforcement officers are honorable people doing a very difficult job for low pay and little thanks. Says Jackson, “We should pray for law enforcement instead of persecuting them. We should honor them instead of harassing them.  And yes, we should hold wrongdoers accountable, but let’s heal our country instead of tearing it apart.”

Watch Bishop Jackson’s statement on “STAND With Law Enforcement Sunday” 



Conservative organizations representing 25 states recently joined together in an open letter with some tough questions for Donald Trump.

The letter starts off with:


We, the undersigned, represent millions of pro-family Americans who are dedicated to a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.


The letter asks probing questions that conservatives want clear answers on.                                     politifact-photos-Trump_gestures


For years Trump considered and described himself as “pro-choice in every respect” and supported partial-birth abortion. Now he claims he is pro-life. The letter details:


Your explanation for this change of position – that a baby who was nearly aborted ended up being a “superstar” – is confusing, particularly since you acknowledged that if the child had been “a loser,” your pro-abortion position probably wouldn’t have changed. Please explain this utilitarian view of the sanctity of human life. Do you consider life only worth protecting if it meets certain criteria, and, if so, what are those criteria?


This is an important question in light of Trump’s statements in 2015 supporting continued taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion seller.

Judicial Appointments

The next president is expected to nominate two to four U.S. Supreme Court justices, due to the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. The twenty-five state policy organizations ask Trump:


How can we trust you to nominate judges who will respect the constitutional limits on judicial power and uphold the sanctity of human life?


Religious Freedom

Conservatives across the United States want to know if Trump will protect religious freedom.


You claim to support religious freedom, yet a leading gay-activist organization calls you “one of the best, if not the best, pro-gay Republican candidates to ever run for the presidency” – particularly because of your “standout position” when it comes to legislation that forces Christian business owners – and others of faith – to either betray their conscience or lose their business. How do you reconcile these contradictory positions?


Objectification of Women

The first casino in the nation to add a strip club was Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, which boasts of “36,000 square feet of adult entertainment.”


What would you say to young girls and women who are concerned about a president who is directly connected with the exploitation of women?


Limited Government

Trump claims to be a fiscal conservative yet has expressed public admiration for single-payer, government-run healthcare systems. The letter asks Trump to explain his inconsistencies:


One of your favorite campaign themes is that you are going to “run America” if elected. Considering our system of checks and balances, and especially in light of the last seven years of government by fiat, how will you demonstrate your respect for the U.S. Constitution and the limited power the Founding Fathers intended for the federal government in general, and the executive branch in particular?


The letter represents Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.



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Josh Denton



Many students seem to be in favor of Apple not assisting the FBI in developing a path into the device owned by a shooter in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Apple would have to write a new program to unlock the device.

In what is becoming a widely circulated letter, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, explains why Apple is contesting the court order to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone 5c owned by Syed Rizwan Farook, a gunman in the San Bernardino terror attack.

The phone was recovered by investigators after searching the vehicles of Farook and his wife. The two died hours after a gun battle with authorities.

According to the LA Times, U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym in Riverside directed Apple to help the FBI get around the phone’s passcode protection and the device’s auto-erase function, which would permanently destroy any encrypted data on the phone after 10 unsuccessful login attempts.

The question of whether or not a court can be justified in ordering a private business like Apple to write this type of programming software package is highly controversial among different ages and backgrounds.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has criticized Apple for their objections to the court order. “This is a case that certainly we should be able to get into the phone, and we should find out what happened, why it happened, and maybe there’s other people involved,” Mr. Trump said. “And we have to do that.”

Unlike Donald Trump, students seem to be overwhelmingly in support of Apple.

Joshua Miller studies Politics & Public Policy at Liberty University and says he approves of Apple’s decision. “The fact is that power corrupts; or, power reveals corruption already present. Can we trust the FBI? Well, I hope so. [But] the more unfettered power there is in government, the more potential exists for tyranny.”

It would seem that students, coming from a younger generation, naturally understand the need for encryption and the threat that a lack of it poses to data security. Those threats could be of very far-reaching proportions.

Ian Parish, a major in Political Science at Liberty University voiced precisely these concerns. “Those of us who trade our liberty–in this case the right to privacy–for a false sense of security deserve neither and will keep neither. The FBI’s request is made under the relatively good intention to keep us safer. I understand keeping our families and children safe. This is what some in the intelligence and military community call [a] ‘security theater’. It makes you feel safe and gives the illusion of security.”

Joe Cappuccio, Political Science major at Clemson University, stated he is in absolute support, even though he is not an Apple fan. “I’ve honestly never owned an Apple product in my life, but for a public stand like this perhaps I’ll reconsider one day. Do you really want to give government the ability to crack your phone so easily? Such a ‘master-key’ won’t likely stay limited in use for long. Intentions don’t matter behind actions that compromise principles.”

In the letter to customers, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that the FBI may use different words to describe this tool, but that building a version of iOS that bypasses security in this way would undeniably create a backdoor. And while the government may argue that its use would be limited to this case, “there is no way to guarantee such control.”

Parish also noted, “What if one government employee decided to sell the backdoor to the data? Not only would the American Government have an all-access pass to your information, but so could Iran, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, England, Israel; the highest bidder wins.”

It would seem that students are more trusting of Apple to protect the security of their personal information than they are trusting of the federal government.

Many students echo the sentiment expressed by Tim Cook: “We are challenging the FBI’s demands with the deepest respect for American democracy and a love of our country. We believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to step back and consider the implications.”


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Feb. 15th, 2016          For Immediate Release!

Churches Need A Get Out The Vote Plan (In the last presidential election, sixty five million evangelicals stayed home)

Interview – Contact Latoya at 757-375-6444, Latoya@EWJackson.com

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Preview:  In the last presidential election, sixty five million evangelicals stayed home, giving Obama a second term to continue his fundamental transformation of the United States of America. They were lukewarm about Romney 2012 as they were about McCain four years earlier. Without an effective get-out-the-vote (GOTV) strategy for churches that transcends the enthusiasm factor, Republicans will lose the upcoming presidential election.


Churches Need A Get Out The Vote Plan

By E.W. Jackson

One of the fundamental rules of politics is that the only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day. We learned that in the most recent Iowa caucuses. Polls showed Donald Trump ahead by five points. He lost by four. That is a nine point swing – way off. Polls may reflect the sentiments of voters, but they do not tell you which candidate is going to get supporters to the voting place.

Evangelical Christians are disgusted with the policies of the Obama administration, but will that disgust help elect a president who will take us in a different direction? They are passionately pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. They are also the people most likely to want to cut government spending, address the national debt, reduce government regulations, cut taxes and protect our Second Amendment rights. In other words, Bible believing Christians are the most reliably and consistently conservative voters in the Reagan coalition, on all issues. Yet none of that matters if they don’t vote.

In the last presidential election, sixty five million evangelicals stayed home, giving Obama a second term to continue his fundamental transformation of the United States of America. They were lukewarm about Romney 2012 as they were about McCain four years earlier. Without an effective get-out-the-vote (GOTV) strategy for churches that transcends the enthusiasm factor, Republicans will lose the upcoming presidential election.

Democrats operate like a big city political machine, paying for votes in the inner city and using fear to motivate the black vote. In every presidential election they tell black voters that Republicans are going to return them to slavery or take away their voting rights. They will say and do anything – including telling outrageous lies and spewing Marxist propaganda – to get their people out to vote. Buses will be sent to pick them up from nursing homes and elderly housing. They will spread “walking around” money to “motivate” them. When they get them to the polls, they order them to vote a straight Democrat ticket. Nice people.

It is not necessary to replicate these racist and illegal antics, but it is absolutely necessary that a strong get-out-the-vote strategy is adopted, especially in conservative evangelical churches.

First, each pastor needs to make sure that every member of the church is registered to vote. Churches should hold two voter registration months each year – one for primaries and one for the general election. The Pastor should preach a sermon in each of these months to explain that in a free society where you get to choose your political leaders, not voting is a sin. In most countries throughout the world, citizens have no say over who leads them. American Christians must be taught that it is a blessing from God to be a citizen of this Constitutional Republic, where our rights are protected and we choose our representatives.

Second, a permanent Voter Registration Coordinator should be appointed in every church to make sure that 100% of those eligible to vote are registered. Free software is available to check on the voter registration of each member.

Third, churches should include citizenship in Sunday School curriculum to teach congregants that Christians have a responsibility to God to vote their biblical principles, not race or party. Many Christians, and not just black Americans, voted for Barack Obama, and he has turned out to be the quintessential anti-Christian President. Christians in America have paid a terrible price during his presidency, not to mention the tens of thousands of persecuted and murdered Christians in the Middle East and Africa that he has ignored.

Fourth, every member should be asked to sign a pledge to vote and include in that pledge a plan for when, where and how they are getting to the polls. For those people who need help getting to the voting booth, the church should organize to be sure they get there. It is perfectly legal for Churches to use their busses to transport people to the polls, and they should do so.

Finally, there must be follow up after an election. The church should recognize and celebrate those who voted. It is important to make voting a big deal in the lives of Christians.

The left is dragging America into a Godless, amoral abyss. Unless evangelicals awaken to their civic responsibility, there will be no climbing out. Barack Obama has cast a foreboding shadow over this nation in every way – culturally, economically and racially. Saving America will require that those who love God love the Constitution, and love America enough to take a stand in the voting booth. This presidential election could be the last opportunity to stop the fundamental transformation of America and begin to restore the fundamental values of our country. It is up to Pastors and churches across America to make sure we fulfill the vision of “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”



About the author/contributor:

E.W. Jackson was born in Chester, PA, near Philadelphia. After graduating from high school, he joined the Maine Corps, and was honorably discharged after three years of service. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts and from Harvard Law School.

While in law school, he studied at Harvard Divinity School, was ordained in 1979 and consecrated a Bishop in 1998. He practiced small business, criminal and civil law for fifteen years in Boston. In 1997 Bishop Jackson retired from the practice of law to devote full time to ministry.

He is the founder and Senior Pastor of THE CALLED Church, founder of the Chesapeake Martin Luther King Leadership Breakfast and Founder and President of Stand Foundation – Staying True to America’s National Destiny – a nonprofit organization committed to bringing citizens together across racial and cultural lines to restore America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and values. He is the National President of MINISTERS TAKING A STAND, a national organization of Pastors and Christian leaders addressing the moral and spiritual issues of our time. He also founded YOUTH WITH A DESTINY, helping give youth a sense of vision and purpose for their lives.

He is the author of the book, Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life. His articles have been published in the Washington Times, American Thinker and many other publications.  He has appeared on FOX, ABC, PBS, CNN and MSNBC.

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