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Americans of African descent voted overwhelmingly Republican from the end of the Civil War to the 1930’s, but became almost totally Democrat by the 1970’s. No single event brought about this tectonic shift, but the change in black voting patterns began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During the depression, Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (“CCC”) gave starving men work, food and shelter. My father, a black American, lived and worked in a CCC camp for six months, and he was forever grateful.

As a result, he became a passionate Democrat, and disdained the Republican Party as the exclusive club of the heartless rich. When Truman became President, he ended racial segregation in the military, furthering the image of Democrats as the party of compassion and justice.

Then came John Kennedy, the inspiring symbol of the future. His famous call to Coretta Scott King while her husband was held in a Georgia jail created an emotional bond with black voters. Most historians agree that Pres. Kennedy was reticent at best, fearing that he would alienate southern Democrats. Nevertheless, he made the call and reinforced the idea that Democrats cared and Republicans did not.  That single gesture caused Martin Luther King Sr. (“Daddy King”) to switch his support from Nixon to Kennedy, and many black voters did the same.

After the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon Johnson – the former segregationist who was known to use the N-word in private – became the public champion of Civil Rights. The last Republican to receive a significant percentage of the black vote was Richard Nixon with 32%. It was the dying gasp of a century long love affair between black voters and the GOP. They have now been estranged for half a century.

How did Republicans allow a constituency once firmly in their camp to make a wholesale exodus? Or to put it another way, how did Democrats wrench the black vote from the GOP’s grasp?

A common misperception held by black voters today is that as the Democrat Party became more sensitive to the needs of black citizens, Dixiecrats switched to the Republican Party. In other words, the parties reversed roles. While it is true that many southern whites became Republicans, there were other political re-alignments which disprove the role reversal theory.

As Northeastern Democrats embraced Civil Rights, they were also adopting abortion as a central tenet. Furthermore, the Democrat Party supported the 1962 and 1963 Supreme Court decisions which ruled in Engle v. Vitale, School District of Abington Township v. Schempp, and Murray v. Curlett that Prayer and Bible reading in public schools violate the First Amendment. Republicans were opposed.

In 1982 Ronald Reagan proposed a Constitutional Amendment to restore prayer to schools. That issue solidified the platforms and images of the two parties – the Democrats as secular liberals, the Republicans as evangelical conservatives. As secularism and identity politics became more influential among Democrats, they lurched to the far left. As evangelicals became more powerful in Republican ranks, the Party became more decidedly Christian. However, the GOP never became the party of segregationists as is wrongly thought. It became the party for people of faith, and I, a black American, was one of the people who left the Democrat Party to become a Republican in the early eighties.

The more Republicans took on a religious persona, the more the Democrats shunned religion. No one will ever forget the infamous moment when Democrats at their 2012 national convention took God out of their Platform, and then clumsily and over objections tried to put Him back. It was telling.

The Democrat Party brand as champion for black civil rights has also been weakened by the creation of new classes of “victims” – gays, illegal immigrants, Muslims, transgenders, the list goes on and on. The problems of the inner city are complex and horrifying, but fighting to allow the Caitlyn Jenners of the world to “be who they were meant to be” and use the bathroom of their choice makes for a simpler, more hip rallying cry. The only message Democrats have had to the black community for the last forty years boils down to, “Republicans are racists. Vote Democrat.”

In truth black voters no longer have a political home. Democrats take them for granted and Republicans consider them unreachable. Suddenly appears Donald J. Trump, a white, New York billionaire turned Republican politician, directly appealing to black citizens and expecting to get their votes.

“What the hell have you got to lose?” he asked again and again on the campaign trail. He repeatedly promised to do something about the crime and violence plaguing the inner cities. He has committed to give children of poor black parents an opportunity for a quality education through school choice. The election results showed 13% of black men voted for him, a staggeringly high number in light of recent voting history.

Are we witnessing an anomaly or is this the beginning of another seismic shift in the black vote like what took place from Roosevelt to Johnson? The jury is still out, but if President Trump delivers on his promises of jobs, education and safe streets, he may separate black voters from the Democrat coalition and bring them back to their original home in the Party of Lincoln.


E.W. JacksonAmerica is in the midst of an ideological civil war. The division is deep and wide and the refugee problem is the latest iteration of the chasm. Emotional arguments can generate justifications that are extremely hypocritical. The hypocrisy in this particular debate is that those who want an open door refugee policy are appealing to Christian morality, calling it unchristian not to let them all in. When the left starts appealing to Christian morality, it is worth taking note.

These are the people who want to banish Christianity from every aspect of American culture. Their leader and former President Barack Obama famously said, “we are not a Christian nation.” Suddenly his liberal cohorts are asserting Christianity to buttress their position. Nice try, but there is no biblical case for opening the floodgates to refugees infiltrated by Islamic terrorists.

Some Americans are making the dangerous mistake of applying biblical principles of personal morality to matters of national security. This is one of the passages being quoted in support of an open door refugee policy. “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.” [Hebrews 13:2] That verse imposes a moral obligation on individuals to be hospitable. Governmental policies are quite another matter. When these texts were written, cities were surrounded by walls and secured behind gates.

The highest moral obligation of the President of the United States is to protect our citizens. You cannot apply the personal ethic of turning the other cheek to national security any more than you can to the security of your spouse or child. No sane human being would say to a loved one under attack, “turn the other cheek so that you may be attacked again.” Just as it is your moral duty to protect and defend your loved ones, the President is under a sacred oath to protect and defend America.

If terrorists bomb a city, would we offer them another? The moral response, in defense of our people, would be to wage war against the perpetrators until they are captured or killed. The ethical imperative is to destroy their ability to do further harm. This is a Christian principle you will not hear liberal elites citing: “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” Providing for the safety, security and  care of your own is a higher Christian responsibility than charity toward strangers.

Another argument we are hearing – offered by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – is that “Jesus was a refugee.” They reject what the Bible says about abortion, marriage, Israel and the Jewish people, but they are suddenly biblical adherents. Presumably, they are referring to when the holy family took refuge in Egypt during Herod’s mass infanticide. It’s an ironic argument since it is the left which is trying to kick Jesus out of America. If the word “refugee” applies to Jesus at all, it is in reference to the secularists who will not allow Him a home in their hearts.

That aside, it is a favorite tactic of the left to create red herrings, and respond to arguments that no one has made. No one has said all refugees are bad or that all refugees should be banned for all time. President Trump has said, and most Americans agree, that our government has a duty to protect its citizens from harm. Therefore, we should be careful about who is allowed into our country, particularly from places where Islamic terrorism is widespread. That is not Hitlerian, unchristian or anti-Jesus. It is a common sense response to the threat of Islamic terror.

Finally, the emotion surrounding this issue is driven in part by the specter of America turning away Jews escaping Nazi Germany. That was horrible and a source of national regret. We turned away Jews primarily because we did not want to get involved with Europe’s conflicts. In the end, we defeated the Nazis and took in the Jews.

Today’s refugee problem is different. There are Muslims from the Middle East who want to kill Americans and destroy our country. Since we cannot easily identify them among those who are legitimately escaping persecution, we must be extremely cautious. One or two terrorists can do enormous damage. Acknowledging this reality is neither Islamophobia nor religious bigotry. It is doing our Christian duty to protect innocent Americans from those who wish to do us harm.

By appealing to Biblical principle, liberals are unwittingly admitting that America is indeed a nation of Christian values. Instead of vilifying the President and smearing Christians, the left needs to work toward compassionate solutions that also make our citizens safe. The ideological civil war in our country is really a spiritual divide. It is time for America’s spiritual refugees to return to the faith and stand for the vision of “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”


Hillary Clinton gleefully enlisted the help of Jay-Z to get out the vote. The misogynistic rapper showed up and gave an uncensored performance that would make any decent American blush. There were weeks of hysterical media coverage over an eleven year old video of Trump’s private locker room bragging, rightly deemed disrespectful to women.Hillary appeared last Friday at a concert headlined by Jay-Z who loaded his lyrics with the n-word, f-bombs, the b-word, and just about every crude, and blasphemous line his evil imagination could conjure. Neither Hillary nor the mainstream media made a peep. Here is a sampling of the lyrics sung at Clinton’s rally:

“If you feelin’ like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off

Ladies is pimps too, gon’ brush your shoulders off

Niggas is crazy baby, don’t forget that boy told you

Get, that, dirt off your shoulder” (Dirt Off Your Shoulder)

“(Jigga) What’s my motherf*ckin name?

(Jigga) And who I’m rollin with huh?

(My n*ggas) Uh-huh-uh-uhh-uhh-uhh

N*ggas better get it right, bitches better get it right, WHO?

(Jigga) What’s my motherf*ckin name?

(Jigga) And who I’m rollin with huh?

(My n*ggas) Uh-huh-uh-uhh-uhh-uhh

N*ggas better get it right, bitches better get it right” (Jigga my Nigga)


Why was Hillary not outraged? She did not object because her real concern is power, not people. If ignoring insults to women advances her cause, she is silent. If sounding like defender of the dignity of women helps her, she screams in that annoying pitch which we have all heard.


Hillary also claims to be a Christian, yet she was also silent at this shocking lyric:

“Middle finger to the Lord, nigga grip I’m a boss”


From a Christian perspective at least, blaspheming God is a more serious moral infraction that disrespecting women. However, she did not come to the defense of her alleged faith or the God she purports to serve. We know the Democrat Party has built its recent coalition on being anti-Christian and anti-Bible, but this takes it to a new low. Jay-Z may have stumbled upon the best slogan for today’s Democrat Party – “Middle finger to the Lord.” That’s how many Democrat elites think. Now we know this is how Hillary thinks. The woman whose mentor – Saul Alinsky – dedicated his seminal work to Lucifer, continues to dance with the devil to get where she wants to go.

This is more proof that black Christians are being used, while she tramples every value they hold dear, particularly respect and honor for God. She really thinks that carrying hot sauce in her pocket book, mimicking the style of a southern black preacher, and now, asking a black rapper to headline her rally, are the racial gestures that will buy her the black vote, lock, stock and barrel.

She could care less and has no plan to address the thousands of black people, including innocent women and children, murdered each year in urban violence. She has no plan to deal with the hundreds of thousands of black babies racially selected by Planned Parenthood for extermination. She is hostile to Christians who believe that the only valid marriage is between one man and one woman, including those black churchgoers whose votes she covets.

The 2016 presidential election will soon be over. I am pleading with Americans to open your eyes. The mainstream media has unleashed their best propaganda to depict Donald Trump as racist and sexist, while ignoring the moral bankruptcy and corruption of Hillary Clinton.

Christians must see through the agenda of the mainstream media and ask, “Who will protect my freedoms, respect my faith, and care enough about the safety and well being of my family not to put our national security at risk?” I can personally attest that Donald Trump has humbled himself, sacrificed his own wealth, raised his hand to God and asked for His help and the help of His people. Hillary Clinton has exalted herself, used her position to extort wealth, and stood with Jay-Z as he raised his middle finger to God.

Donald Trump has empathized with the plight of Christians persecuted for their belief in traditional marriage, and promised to defend our religious liberty. Hillary Clinton has expressed hostility against Christians as a basket of deplorables, homophobes, sexists, racists, and promised to curtail our First Amendment rights.

It is so obvious that it should not require mention, but Christians – black, white, Hispanic, Asian and others – must unite across all denominational lines to left a Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States or we may have four to eight years of “middle finger to the Lord.” This may be our last chance before God runs out of patience.

For thirty years, the Clinton’s have served one master – themselves: from the White Water scandal to the $100,000 earned in commodity trading to the disappearance of Vince Foster’s files, later found in the Clinton private residence; from the persecution of the many girlfriends of Bill to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. From the sale of the Lincoln Bedroom to the destruction of White House furnishings and computers when they departed; from the pardoning of Clinton cronies as he exited the presidency to corrupt dealings of the Clinton Foundation with foreign governments.

When he should have been handling foreign policy, he was being handled by a foolish young intern. When he could have been putting the truth in front of him and the scandal behind him, he looked into the camera and lied to the American people and raised his hand under penalties of

perjury and lied to the court. For his trouble he put our country through an impeachment and the legal system through his disbarment proceedings. Now we know that Hillary Clinton created an illegal email system designed to hide her corrupt dealings with foreign governments and donors while serving as Secretary of State.

We have just learned that the Clinton Foundation has been under investigation for a year based on evidence of using the State Department in a pay to play scheme. The federal criminal investigation of a major party nominee for president is historically unprecedented. Whatever the outcome, if she is elected the country will face months of uncertainty.

The history of the Clinton enterprise has been one long exercise in self-indulgence. It’s time for the voters to say, “That’s it. We are calling an end to your manipulating the levers of power for your personal pleasure and enrichment.” November 8 should be the close of the sad chapter of Clinton cronyism and self-dealing.

There is another possibility, albeit remote. Hillary Clinton could awaken to the destructive impact she has had on America and the nightmare of an administration which might begin with indictment of the President. This would be unprecedented. For the good of the country, she should resign her nomination.

FBI Director Comey has nudged her in the right direction by reopening the investigation into her violations of national security. If Democratic down ballot candidates encourage her to step aside; if Huma Abedin appeals to her sense of duty and advises her to step aside; if Bill and Chelsea admit that her administration will  be mired in scandal and tell her to step aside; and most importantly, if the American people say with a loud voice, “Enough! Step down!;” maybe she will have an epiphany and do the right thing, for once in her life.

Donald Trump is an outsider who wants to clean up the corruption in Washington. As we now know, Hillary Clinton is Washington corruption personified. She is not fit to serve as President of the United States. She should step down now and save the country the potential anguish and instability of having a convicted felon in the highest office in the nation.





[Read Open Letter here]

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have read your open letter to Hillary Clinton and since I have taken a leadership role in trying to awaken black Christians to the demonic stronghold the Democrat Party has over our community, I feel obligated, indeed called by God to comment on your missive.

First, I commend you all for your willingness to say something, anything about the pressing moral and social issues of our day, particularly those affecting the black community. All too many of us are silent in the face of social upheaval. I am reminded of Jesus’ admonition, “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Would that you were hot or cold….” [Rev.3:16] We undoubtedly disagree on certain issues and approaches, but at least we are in the debate.

Secondly, it is encouraging that while you raise the issue of police brutality, you do not make the fatal error of many black leaders. You do not ignore the scourge of black on black crime which is killing thousands every year at disproportionate numbers from any other intra-ethnic violence. The reality is that the number of black people killed in police confrontations pales in significance to the number who die on our streets – including innocent women and children – at the hands of black criminals. I congratulate you because many who claim to be the intellectual elite of our community refuse to discuss this. They are so captivated by the racism paradigm, that they cannot see the bodies piling up right in front of them. We know that the ultimate cause behind the violence and murder is sin and Satan. Focusing on the flesh, i.e., the racial element, will never solve the problem because that is a symptom, but definitely not the disease.

As your letter indicates and I have said many times, Bible believing Christians, black and white, are in fundamental agreement on the moral and social issues affecting society. We agree on societal sin, but do not necessarily agree on the solutions.

I would like to offer an ongoing dialogue with members of my ministerial organization – MINISTERS TAKING A STAND. The problems of our community will not be solved by sniping at each other from across the ideological fence. We need to come together around biblical principles that unite us.

That brings me to my first criticism of your letter to Hillary. In the first paragraph you say, “we, clergy and intellectuals who serve the poor, Democrats and independents, appeal to you.” Do I understand that you have no Republicans in your churches? I can assure you that you do. They may be in the closet because of the hatred they are likely to feel from their “fellow Christians” and the accusations leveled at them as “traitors” and “selloutssell- outs.” By refusing to acknowledge them you are perpetuating an unGodly attitude toward black Americans who identify as Republicans. How can you allow that when they are the very people who cannot reconcile themselves to the wrongs of the Democrat Party that you yourselves point out – e.g., disregarding the lives of unborn children and arrogantly redefining marriage in direct defiance of God. Your silence implies that God blesses membership in the Democrat Party in spite of its utter moral bankruptcy. Or perhaps you mean to convey your own approval of the Democrat Party and disapproval of the Republican Party. Either way, God will not bless sin and you should not bless it either. We should encourage our members to think biblically, not racially. If they compare the platforms of the two parties, they have more affinity for Republican principles. They need deliverance from the stronghold Democrats have over black voters. God called us to set the captives free, not polish the shackles.

The second concern I have with your letter is that as some of the most influential black leaders in America you approach Mrs. Clinton as if you answer to her. You answer to God. In fact the Biblical order is that prophets of God hold political leaders accountable, not the other way around. Too often men and women of God go hat-in-hand to elected and appointed leaders begging their indulgence. They should be coming to us, begging the blessing of God and asking how to obtain it. However, long years of abdication of our prophetic responsibility have made that scenario highly unlikely. Your letter does nothing to restore the proper order. It reinforces precisely the wrong order.

Finally, and this is the most devastating aspect of your letter,. iIn spite of the critique you offer of the condition of the black community and the incongruity of the Democrat Party platform with the values of the black church, you tacitly endorse the person who personifies the very things you oppose. Your closing words suggest no demands. It is as if you all are mere bystanders to one of the most consequential elections in the history of our country.

“We request that you set a place and time, during your first 100 days in office, where we may meet to learn more about your position on these issues. Then we will be better able to inform our community about what they can reasonably expect from a Clinton administration.”

First, you assume she will be elected, but take no stand one way or the other. You never mention Republicans or Donald Trump so there is implicit endorsement. You imply that for black people there is only the Democrat Party, but you don’t say it explicitly.

As to learning more about Hillary’s positions, you already know them, certainly on abortion and marriage. You left out support for Israel, by the way. You do not need to learn more. You need to condition your support upon her alignment with God’s word. I read some time ago that one of your signatories—Bishop Paul Morton—resigned from and denounced the Democrat Party. That is the kind of courageous leadership our people need right now. If you all provide it, those whom you Shepherd will follow.

The word of God says, “For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?” [1 Cor. 14:8] It is my hope that you will sound the trumpet so loud that it will wake up those black Christians who are the walking dead in a party that hates the God they claim to love. Remember this is the party that removed any mention of God from their Party Platform. These are the people want to leave “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. They want to leave “our Creator” out of their recitation of the Declaration of Independence. It is time to come out from among them.

The body of Christ desperately needs leadership in this hour, and God will hold us all accountable as under-shepherds for the failure to provide it. Our nation is in the worst moral and spiritual crisis of its history. We need to provide Godly leadership and elect Godly leadership. We need officials whose hearts are set to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, knowing that everything else we need will be added. I respect the important role all of you serve. I stand ready to unite with you around kingdom principles to awaken our country again to the truth that, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” [Prov. 29:2]

I hope this is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue. May God guide and bless you and your ministries and may He continue to bless our beloved country—the United States of America.

Yours In Christ,


President and Founder, Bishop E.W. Jackson


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By E.W. Jackson

On this, the 202nd Birthday of our National Anthem, lets demand the respect our country deserves


“Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, For the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” Today marks the 202 years since Francis Scott Key penned those words for what would eventually become our National Anthem. The National Anthem has been in the news quite a bit lately, as it has become the platform for football players to express their dislike of America.

Today, I am launching a petition that calls for the NFL to require players to stand for the National Anthem and show respect for the Flag. The NBA does. No player has the right to damage a league’s brand or distract from is corporate purpose. Players have a First Amendment right to participate in whatever social causes they wish and to use their celebrity and the platform it gives them as long as they do not bring disrepute on their employer.
The NFL unfortunately fails the test of patriotism. Even on 911, they allowed players for the Miami Dolphins to desecrate the memories of those who died in that horrific attack. Yet when the Dallas Cowboys attempted to wear stickers on their helmets to show support for the fallen police officers of their city, the NFL stopped them. If the NFL can tell its players not to display social messages on their informs, they can tell them not to convey messages by their behavior. To suggest that the two are not analogous is to make a distinction without a difference.

It is lost on no one that Kaepernick’s demonstration has created racial division within the league and among fans. Most black Americans defend Kaepernick, and most white Americans, while supporting his right to protest, oppose his attack on our sacred symbols. The question for the league and Roger Goodell is whether they want to play football or play politics. Do they want to be a unifying influence or a symbol of racial and social division?

On the field players represent their teams and the league, not just themselves. When a player publicly refuses to honor the Flag and our National Anthem, it reflects on his team and the NFL. The Commissioner cannot hide behind the U.S. Constitution. The National Football League is a private organization which can set policy for the conduct of its employees during games. Goodell has stated that the NFL is patriotic. Those words ring hollow when he allows players to disdain the Flag, a stunt which is now spreading not only in the NFL, but in college and high school.

Football is an influential institution in American culture at every age level. Professional players enjoy fame, wealth and privileges most Americans will never experience. We celebrate them, but they should not be allowed to exploit the field for their personal political agendas. They should not be allowed to use the game as an opportunity to insult the millions of Americans who support the game and believe deeply that we are a nation of freedom and opportunity. It is one thing to raise a social issue. It is quite another to condemn the entire nation.

Here are the facts: Kaepernick is a black man worth $100 million, hardly a victim of oppression himself. Leaving him aside, the data makes clear that there is no epidemic of police brutality or conspiracy to hunt own black men and reward police officers with paid leave. It is a despicable thing to say because it is not true. About 5/1,000ths of one percent of all black suspects police attempt to arrest are killed. While some of those killed are technically unarmed, most fight with police or try to take the officer’s gun, as happened with the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson. Police are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black suspect than a black suspect is to be killed by a cop. Forty percent of murdered cops are killed by black men. Black men are 6% of the population and commit 52% of the murders. Black and Hispanic cops are more likely to shoot a black suspect than is a white cop, probably in part because of the racial implications and career consequences. The real epidemic that is killing black men is fathers abandoning their children, as Kaepernick’s father did to him. It was a white couple who adopted, nurtured and cared for him. He has been incredibly blessed in the America he so disdains.

In spite of these indisputable facts, Kaepernick said: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color…There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Does the NFL support such toxic nonsense? Do we not have enough racial division in America? Are football games to become forums for demagoguery? Kaepernick and players like him have enough money to buy their own platform and spew whatever outrageous rhetoric they can conjure. The NFL should not be their enabler.
It is time for the NFL to say to its players, “the causes you adopt, the ideologies you embrace and public policies you support on your own time are entirely up to you. However, at our games you will show respect for our Flag, our National Anthem and the United States of America.”

Let the NFL know what you think, sign the petition!! 


E.W Jackson is President of STAND Foundation, Inc. [www.standamerica.us], nationally syndicated radio talk show host for Urban Family Communications, Marine Corps Veteran, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, Bishop of THE CALLED Churches and a retired Attorney. 


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